DNA testing in Ukraine

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How to take buccal swabs for DNA testing

Mouth swabs can be taken using our kit, which is included in the price of DNA analysis, as well as using usual cotton swabs. You will need 2 cotton swabs and one paper envelope for each participant. The accuracy and quality of testing do not depend on which swabs you were using. In the case of taking samples with usual cotton ear swabs with two cotton ends, one end should be cut off, each swab containe only one cotton end.

You can keep dried samples for several months in paper envelope, they will not be spoiled. Although we recommend not to postpone the process of submitting them for testing and do it within two weeks.

How to collect

1. Rinse thee mouth with clean water (for babies - give water to drink). It is unnecessary step, if you have not eaten within one hour.

2. Fill in DNA test order form, indicating fullnames, alleged relationship (for example, Father, Mother, Child) of participants. Укажите контактные данные и желаемый способ доставки результата теста. Fill in envelopes for each participant, indicating relationship: Father, Child.

3. Put the swab out of package, not touching the cotton end. Rub thoroughly with cotton swab along the cheek inner side, turning it around, for 10 minutes.

4. Put the used cotton swab aside for 3-5 minutes to dry. The use of heating devices for drying is unacceptable. After drying, put the swab into the envelope. Do not put the the swab back in the plastic package.

5. Repeat steps 3 and 4 with another cotton swab.

6. Seal the envelope and take samples from the rest of the participants (start with paragraph 3 for each participant).

7. When you are done, there should be one sealed envelope for each participant, each of which should contain two cotton swabs with collected samples. We accept even one swab, but it is better to provide spare material.

8. Put DNA test order form and envelopes with buccal swabs into a big postal envelope, bring to us or ship to the effolowing address:
Medical genetic center Mama Papa, Lva Tolstogo str. Kiev 01033,
or via Nova Poshta delivery service: Kiev Skoropadskogo str 21 (Lva Tolstogo str. 21). Consignee: TOV Mama Papa +380675780500 Maryna Savelieva. Provide us with waybill number.

9. Pay the testing price via any bank (payment details) and let us know about the payment.