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Lva Tolstogo str. 21
Mon-Sat 7-19, Sun 9-18

DNA testing
in Ukraine

Accurate. Fast. Accredited.
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Аккредитованная лаборатория ДНК
Accuracy Assured

20 years of experience, international accreditations AABB, ISO, CAP, license of Ukrainian Health Ministry

Тест ДНК недорого
Affordable Prices

We are making 3000 DNA tests a year, that is why can offer low prices

Тест ДНК быстро
Quickest Turnaround Time

Paternity and relationship DNA test - from 2 to 10 days

Тест ДНК для судов Украины и посольства
Trusted DNA Testing Center

Courts and embassies entrust us with legal DNA tests for immigration and civil family cases

Paternity DNA test

Ваш голос учтен!
4.9 / 5.0
( 4 голосов)

Prices of DNA test in Ukraine

DNA testTime, daysPrice
DNA Paternity test Alleged Father + Child 4-5 3 900 UAH
Additional tested party one more Child or Alleged Father 2 400 UAH
Accelerated testing additionally to DNA paternity test 2-3 2 500 UAH
VIP paternity test additionally to DNA test price 1 5 900 UAH
Extended testing 30-34 loci additionally to DNA test price +3 2 300 UAH
Legally-binding paternity test for court or embassy in USA, Canada, UK, Australia etc., AABB acccreditation Alleged father + Child 15 9 900 UAH
Non-invasive DNA paternity test pregnant Mother + Alleged Father 10-12 43 000 UAH
Maternity DNA test Alleged Mother + Child 4-5 4 300 UAH
Non-invasive prenatal test Panorama basic Trisomy 21, 18, 13, sex chromosomes abnormalities, triploidy and baby gender + free consultation of Natera lab genetic 10 12 900 UAH
Gender test in early pregnancy 3 3 300 UAH
Family Finder - Autosomal ancestry test ethnic breakup and relatives search 60 5 500 UAH
Unusual samples testing additionally to DNA test price, per 1 sample - nails, blood, hair, sperm +3 1 900 UAH
Identification of tested party checking of ID documents (passport, birth certificate), making photo 900 UAH
Collection of samples and shipment to DDC, USA no DNA test itself, from 1-2 participants 2 900 UAH

We do a huge list of genetic tests. Contact us if you cannot find desired test on our website. Price list for DNA test

Why choose "Mama Papa" Center for DNA testing

  • Medical genetical center Mama Papawith 10 years of experience in DNA testing field
  • We are an official representative of the leading DNA laboratories in the world: DNA Diagnostics Center (DDC), Natera, Family Tree DNA
  • DNA tests for court or embassy. Legally-binding results from fully accredited lab.
  • DNA testing from any samples - blood, nails, sperm, bones, teeth, abortus etc.
  • Locations in 19 cities all over Ukraine
  • Located in the center Lva Tolstogo Str. 21 Kiev Ukraine 01033
  • Free consultation (067) 578-05-00
DNA Center Mama Papa in Kiev

Reviews for DNA testing at Mama Papa Center

Legal paternity test

Everything was perfect...from the beginning to the end...the phone conversation to the getting documents... it was a fast process...everything that they said was gonna happen in order to know when the process start to finish actually happen...thanks again


The fastest paternity test

Excellent service. Quick results. I made an appointment at the matenity hospital where my baby was born and ordered the fastest test. As early as in 2 days I confirmed that I am a DAD!


NIPT test

I was worried about my pregnancy because I am over 35 y.o. Thanks to Panorama test I made sure that everything is OK with my baby's chromosomes. Also, I found out that I am waiting for a boy.

Xin Li

Home paternity test using nails

I nedded a discreet DNA test so that my child does not know anything about my doubts. I called Mama Papa. Everyone was so kind over the phone and offered me some options. I selected nails as a sample from child and have test done. At last I calmed down.


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