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DNA tests - why choose us?

  • Medical genetic center "Mama Papa" is one of the leading companies in genetic testing in Ukraine since 2009.
  • The highest accuracy in the industry
  • Turnaround time starting from 8 hours
  • When performing genetic testing we use the latest equipment of 2019-2020 years
  • Reagents of leading world manufacturers such as Thermofisher Scientific (USA), Qiagen (Germany), Promega (USA).
  • Official results with the seal of the medical center.
  • All analyzes are performed in compliance with Ukrainian and international standards of information protection.
  • We are an official partner of the largest genetic laboratories in the world.
  • We provide consultations on all issues of genetics
  • Collection points in 30 cities of Ukraine, as well as other countries of Ukraine.

Our experience in DNA testing


years experience in genetic testing

10 000

samples tested per year


hours lasts our fastest paternity test


points of sample collection

Head of medical genetic center "Mama Papa"

Maryna Savelieva

Co-founder, director, molecular geneticist, expert of TV-project "DNA secrets" (STB TV-channel)

We have been offering DNA tests in Ukraine since 2010. At the beginning we collaborated with a US laboratory. Today we are a leader in genetic testing in Ukraine with in-house genetic laboratory, branches in 30 cities of the country and abroad.

Have you any questions that our staff could not answer, contact me.

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We do DNA tests for TV-shows

Siblingship DNA test
for TV-show "DNA secrets" (STB channel),
probability of relationship is 99,9%

Maternity and Grandparentage
DNA tests for "DNA secrets",
probability of relationship 99,9%


Legal DNA test

Everything was perfect...from the beginning to the end...the phone conversation to the getting documents... it was a fast process...everything that they said was gonna happen in order to know when the process start to finish actually happen...thanks again


The fastest paternity test

Excellent service. Quick results. I made an appointment at the matenity hospital where my baby was born and ordered the fastest test. As early as in 2 days I confirmed that I am a DAD!


Gender test

I was imressed how fast DNA test was done - next day after the blood draw. I am expecting a boy... Thank you for excellent service!


Home paternity test using nails

I nedded a discreet DNA test so that my child does not know anything about my doubts. I called Mama Papa. Everyone was so kind over the phone and offered me some options. I selected nails as a sample from child and have test done. At last I calmed down.


Laboratory of genetic testing: how to select?

Medical license

There are several organizations in Ukraine that offer DNA test. Pay attention to whether the organization has a medical license or simply sends your material to a foreign laboratory.

Specialized laboratory

Pay attention to the expertise of consultants. How deeply do they know about genetic testing? It is important to select the right DNA test especially if the family ties are more distant than fatherhood and motherhood. It is necessary to determine on which chromosomes and by how many loci (DNA sites) it is recommended to perform a DNA test. Otherwise, there is a chance of losing money, because each laboratory will perform testing again.

If you have any questions about DNA test, it is advisable to be answered by a geneticist, and not superficially, but with a full understanding of each line of the result.

Time and accuracy

The accuracy of the analysis depends on the number of analyzed DNA sites (loci), or from the depth of coverage (in medical NGS tests). Find out these questions before ordering a DNA test.

The fastest terms can be provided only by companies that have their own laboratory, in this case, the urgency is usually paid for extra, as it requires an individual schedule of analysis, overtime payments of laboratory assistants and increased consumption of reagents.

Where to order a DNA test?

Mama Papa Medical Genetics Center took care that you can order an accurate, fast DNA test at a fair price. We have a medical license, our own laboratory, geneticists, call center with experts and much of experience working with many laboratories around the world. We have been in the field of genetic testing for 12 years, and we know more about them than others do.

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Collection points

Questions (4)

What is the material, tissue or fluid, of the sample that you use to extract DNA? Please would you provide more detail the material and its capture?
Медико-генетический центр "Мама Папа"
We use buccal epithelium as a DNA sample. It should be collected in the mouth by cotton swabs.
Mohammed Almarri
I need my results do it before
Dennis Worobec
My interest in DNA is to seek relatives in Lvivska Oblast. Both of my parents were born in Ukraine/Poland. I have tested on AncestryDNA and 23&Me. Can those tests be used to compare your sample base for relatives of mine. If it is something we can do, please let me know how. Thank you.
Медико-генетический центр "Мама Папа"
Dear Dennis, There is no database In Ukraine. We also test in USA laboratories (Family Tree DNA, 23 and Me). You can upload to gedmatch.com, there are people from all the laboratories. Perhaps, your relatives will show up.
Stefan Stalhammar
Our baby boy was born 2 December in Kyiv. He is the result of a surrogacy process and we need to send a dna-sample to the national board of forensic medicine in Sweden. We have the required test-kit and are wondering if you could help us just to do the sampling (analysis will be done in Sweden) on our baby? We need a signature and a stamp from the person taking the sample (we have an English-language form). Is it possible for you to come to our apartment in Kyiv or do we have to come to your clinic? Sincerely yours, Stefan and Maria Stalhammar
Медико-генетический центр "Мама Папа"
Hello, yes, we can collect samples. We will contact you by email to agree upon details.

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